Our engineering division excels in preparing for larger upgrades and conversions. Design, calculations and modification drawings are conducted by our experienced engineers to ensure smooth execution procedures, they are in close contacts with our service engineers, ensuring real feedback from the process field and giving us advantage to develop system which are user friendly and can provide better performance.

SBS is providing engineering solutions which can use equipment from different manufactures and for different manufacturers of the boiler systems.

We are specialized in the development of the software solutions for the PLC based systems, industrial controllers,... All of which are conducted according to the ISO9000:2008 and guidelines ISO90003:2004.

Our range of services also includes making of the electrical drawings, and project management.

The development of highly productive boiler systems is characterized by the demand for high availability and an increase in the functionality and degree of automation. This leads to increased complexity, particularly with reagrd to the software for activating, co-ordinating and monitoring the individual machine functions. Managing the complexity requires interdisciplinary co-operation between the various departments involved in development.

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