LSGO conversions

LSGO conversions

SBS offer solutions to upgrade of burners and fuel lines enabling them to comply with 2005/33/EU, CARB and IMO ECA requirements.

Based on our customers individual requirements and preferences, SBS are able to provide solutions for most marine boilers. We cooperate with most burner makers, but are also able to provide our own engineered solutions. Modifications on fuel lines are always subject to class approval, wherefore the change-over is not only a technical matter, but requires solution approval and survey of the installation.

SBS is capable of modifications ranging from simple component replacement to re-engineering of control systems, design of new atomizers and installation of complete new fuel lines.

LSGO boiler upgrades hatch SBS retrofit boiler control systems

The large number of LSGO upgrades conducted by SBS on a very wide variety of boiler systems has lead to the development of a dedicated load control upgrade capable of handling multiple fuel combustion parameters and automatic switching between fuels. The heart of this next generation upgrade, the Feed-back Manipulation Unit (FMU), comes as a separate control panel for easy installation; it includes a graphical touch screen display and is designed specifically for large steam atomizing burners. The installation of the of FMU-based upgrades with special designed atomizers has been very successful and so far almost 100 FMU-solution are installed on large tankers and many of them already commissioned and approved by the classification societies.

The variety of applications, with different burner makes (Aalborg, Hamworthy, Volcano, Saacke), one or two boilers and up to three burners per boiler, has led to a very versatile design, actually capable of taking over the complete load control function of the boiler control system. This has also solved another pressing issue, as many older vessels are facing problems with the maintenance and spare parts for obsolete boiler control systems.

In the merchant fleet there is large number of combustion control systems for which production of spare parts and complete units has stopped, and also there are many of the PLC based BMS systems for which spare parts are not available any more. With the combination of the proven FMU load controller and the new universal SBS BMS (Boiler Management System) & SBS ACC (Automatic Combustion Controller), a complete, affordable and reliable off the shelf retrofit solution will become available during 2011, not only for steam atomizing burners, but for all types of modulating burner systems

The workflow

SBS works with a 5 step model to keep focus on the process and provide customers a general overview of the options and scope of work:

1. Input: data list of boiler, burner, fuel pumps and ship's schedule

2. Inspection: thorough inspection of burner and fuel system

3. Engineering: Calculations and modification drawings

4. Selection: Turnkey solution incl. parts and implementation plan

5. Implementation: upgrade completion & instruction for ship's crew

6. Approval by classification authority

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