The SBS history

Scandinavian Boiler Service was founded in Florida, USA in 1995 by two Danes - a service engineer and a boiler maker. The aim was at the time to build a high standard boiler and burner service and repair organization for the shipping industry in USA. After a successful start the geographical scope was soon broadened and by 1998 Scandinavian Boiler Service became a global organization.

Scandinavian Boiler Service have experienced growth ever since and as time has passed more business areas, business achievements and more offices have been added.   

Significant milestones

2010       SBS Dubai, UAE office opened
2009       SBS Nantong, China office opened
2009       SBS Stockholm, Sweden office integrated with SBS Denmark office
2008       SBS Houston, USA branch office opened
2008       Nominated for the Danish Gazelle growth prize, 3rd time
2007       Nominated for the Danish Gazelle growth prize, 2nd time
2006       Nominated for the Danish Gazelle growth prize, 1st time
2005       SBS Bakersfield, USA branch office opened
2004       SBS International founded
2004       SBS Stockholm, Sweden branch office opened2004 2004
2003       SBS Norfolk, USA branch office opened
2003       SBS Rijeka, Croatia office opened
2000       SBS Albenga, Italy branch office opened
1999       SBS Technology founded
1998       SBS Asia founded in Singapore
1997       SBS EU founded in Pandrup, Denmark
1995       SBS US founded in Florida, USA

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