Overhaul of the burners

Burners overhaul

Our Service Engineers have experience and special tools for making overhauls of the rotary cup burners. This ensures our customers that we can periodical check and overhaul burner to prevent failure, this we suggest to make periodically during dry docking so our customers are sure that for next few year they not have complex problems with burner . 

Beside this we can also overhaul Main Fuel Oil Valves with Repair kits which is very important to take care off because with much more MGO operations it is crucial to prevent leakage of the MGO in the furnace, to prevent possible explosion.

We can overhaul Compound regulators also with repair kits from the manufactures. We can also provide overhaul & calibration of the automation equipment like delta P transmitters for combustion process, positioners, pressure transmitters, thermo couples  & others. We can check different type of the control equipment like controllers, PLC, Timers...

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