Boiler protection

Boiler Protection

The G5000 Boiler Protection Monitoring Family provides a range of advanced systems for control and maintenance of all kinds of boilers. A common feature of all systems is the dynamic load dependent monitoring. This allows an early diagnosis of problems under build up long before the trouble escalates. Monitored parameters are: 

  • water circulation flow
  • pressure drop
  • temperatures
  • temperature differences
  • thermic stress


For each application a specific combination of parameters is chosen. There are two basic kinds of boiler protection systems for different types of boilers: Exhaust gas fired boilers (exhaust gas economizers, exhaust gas boilers) are served with the G5000 EGE Monitor while other systems (oil fired boilers, dual fuel boilers, combi-boilers) are controlled with the G5500 OFB Monitor.

Key features

  • Dynamic multi-parameter monitoring
  • Monitoring dependent on load
  • Easy configuration of early warnings and alarms
  • Systems adapted for any type of boiler
  • Maintain boiler efficiency
  • Demand responsive cleaning
  • Avoid steam blockage
  • Automatic auxiliary pump start
  • Avoid soot fire
  • Avoid boiler breakdown
  • Cost effective protection against high damage risk
  • Worldwide customer support

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