Oil mist detection

Ambient oil mist detector

According to IMO most engine-room fires are resulting from build-up of oil mist. SBS2000 Ambient Oil Mist Detector is designed to monitor and give early warning when intensification of oil mist, smoke or dust occurs in engine-rooms, pump rooms and other unattended machinery spaces.


Atmospheric oil mist can be formed by either oil leaks in pressurized oil lines or by evaporating oil from hot surfaces. The atmospheric oil mist has a low ignition temperature or can easily be sparked off by other sources and form a spontaneously ignited fire.

Compared to single-point extractive-sampling systems the SBS2000 covers a large area and will also react on smoke or other pollutants in the air. The installation is simple, the instruments robust and the need for cleaning and maintenance is minimal.

The principles

The SBS2000 is a line-of-sight opacity meter. It sends a high-power infrared beam of light across the section to be monitored. If the beam along the line of sight passes through oil mist, smoke or dust, this light beam is scattered and thus the receiver signal is reduced. The alarms will activate if the opacity exceeds the preset limits.

Key features

  • Lloyds Register type approved
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain
  • Cost effective protection against serious damage risk

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