SBS ACC 3B, Automatic Combustion Control Three Boilers

Same as ACC-1B but for boilers with up to 3 burners installed on 1 boiler. These are very complex systems and we managed to offer retrofit solution for obsolete Gaudelius & Shimadzu controllers, which are expensive and hard to get.

Combustion Control System Description
A fuel-air metering control system is essential for efficient combustion in boilers, furnaces, and other large fuel-fired heating processed. These systems vary in complexity from the simple metered approach to the complex cross-limiting system, which is used to ensure safe firing during load changes.

SBS-ACC-3B is device to control fuel oil and combustion air for optimum combustion, so that steam pressure may be kept at the set pressure at all time for required steam flow. System is build on SIEMENS S7-313C PLC, SIEMENS analogue input module SM331 2xAI, SIEMENS analogy output module SM332 4xAO, and SIEMENS KTP 600DP Basic Touch screen hardware platform and SIEMENS STEP7 programming software.

All calculations in software are done using representation of analogue input in %. Physical unit of measurement are fused for indication purposes only. F.O flow feedback signal can be of Analogue current (4-20mA) Flow meter or Press (indirect flow measurement) signal and Tacho (frequency) signal selectable in system configuration.

It comprises of following functions:
- Fuel flow controller
- Air flow controller
- Ignition, Purge, FO recirculation & Burner firing positions selection over digital inputs, parameters for each mode configurable over HMI
- 2 F/A curves (switching via fuel selection Digital inputs )
- F/A Ratio control
- Fuel temperature monitoring (different set points for MGO/HFO, activated with F.O. Type selection)
- Alarming

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