Appreciable solutions

Our corporate values reflect the energy and spirit of the SBS Group and encompass our attitudes towards our daily work and our internal and external relations. We bring solutions to our customers by MGO conversions, combustion control retrofits, boiler & burner automatization, emission monitoring, overhaul of the burners.

We want to offer our clients possibility of the One-Stop-Shop, regardless if your problem is Boiler, Burner, Electrical or Automation part of the system, we will be able to offer you solution for Your problem.

We have knowledge & special equipment which enables us to faster resolve Your problem. Which contributes to lower time required to finish job, which is huge benefit with modern Transport management which is from year to year more and more optimized and faster with Every year less and less time available during ship's stay in the port.

So we believe that our approach gives us advantage on the market and ensure us good feedback from the customers.

Best indication of our knowledge and flexibility is our designed solutions for MGO Conversions, which we placed on the market and already there is more than 150 system On steam atomizing burners which had chosen our design.

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